ReconVelocity Helps Dealers Make Money

August 5th, 2019 by

ReconVelocity and your Dealership’s Profits

For dealers looking to increase their margins, there is no better tool than ReconVelocity. Recon Velocity is process management tool designed to improve efficiencies in the reconditioning department of your dealership.

Dealers have significant unrealized profits they can gain thru eliminating the bottlenecks in their reconditioning processes. This is often a neglected part of the dealership due to lack of knowledge, training, and software. ReconVelocity helps you get your vehicles Retail-Ready Faster by not only shining a spot light in problem areas of your process, but by also offering the industry’s only Recon Experts that are solely dedicated to optimizing your workflows.

By streamlining your processes, ReconVelocity can cut over 5 days off your Speed To Market time thereby increasing your vehicle turn on a yearly basis. We all know how important Turn is, but most dealers are unaware of how much Holding Costs and Vehicle Depreciation effect Net Profit. In fact, the average daily holding costs and depreciation per vehicle can be as high as $85 per day for metro dealers. With an inventory of only 100 vehicles, ReconVelocity can save a dealership over $40,000 per month in costs alone. Combine that with the increase in turn which sells more vehicles, gets more trades, and generates more service revenue then you truly have your dealership’s Million Dollar Profit Generator. 


Recon Velocity


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